Nintendo Switch User Interface close-up image revealed

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With the arrival of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company is preparing for major changes regarding the ecosystem of the console, starting from the account that will connect to their digital purchases. A tweet shared by the developer of The Binding of Isaac gives us a closer look of the new interface.

On the popular social network, Nicalis published a photograph showing something that was obviously not intended for the general public, which reveals also some titles such as The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, 1001 Spikes and Cave Story that we will see on the next console of the Big N. The tweet was later deleted by the same developer, but not having been around the web.

Contrary to what has been seen so far, in the image of Nicalis the user interface of Nintendo Switch is dark in color, but the most significant change lies in the “Change User”: although not confirmed, it seems therefore that players can switch between profiles without terminating their gaming session, as was the case of Nintendo Wii U.

A green dot next to the icon of the news could finally enter the notification system that the new console of the house of Kyoto will use. The picture was subsequently recovered by the user Wario64 on his twitter account, that you can check at the end of this article or above.

Recall that Nintendo Switch will be available on March 3 at a price of $299.99 USD and €329.99.


  • The switch is a joke,after all the r&d between nintendo and nvidia,they came up with the next shield tablet.Which is probably less capable than what it would have been if nvidia kept it as a member of the shield family.Then to add insult to injury,nintendo are trying to palm it off as console.It is the wii u all over again,third party support will die.Nintendo has such contempt for its loyal customers,of witch i am one,they will not even reveal the specifications of the switch.That’s their downfall right there,because any current third party games are probably too demanding for the switch.Where is bf1,no titanfall2 and if any current third party titles,end up on the switch they will be down graded but at premium price.By the time you have paid for the switch and one game,that’s roughly the same price as the ps4 pro,i know where my money will go.

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