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Nintendo Switch Update 8.0.0 Available Now, Adds Save Data Transfers and More

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It’s time for your Nintendo Switch to go through an update process that will improve your gaming experience and interaction with the hybrid console options, plus you’ll be able to enjoy some extras that will be available as soon as the process is finished, so let’s go with the information.

Today, Nintendo released a new update for Switch, which converts the console’s firmware to version 8.0.0, offering interesting options in terms of file management. From the beginning, from now on the software can be managed according to categories such as “recently played”, “game time”, “title” and “distributor”, also, the deployment of all the software will take place when 13 or more icons in the start menu.

On the other hand, the news section will also experience some changes, specifically with the deployment of all the news, which will allow access to the most recent information.

In the same way, the new update of Switch presents new icons from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Finally, Patch 8.0.0 for Switch adds an option to transfer the save data more easily between consoles, in addition to integrating parental options related to the VR, taking advantage of the release of the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit.

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