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Nintendo Switch Unofficial Android ROM Coming Next Week

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Yesterday, the developers responsible for creating the long-awaited Android ROM for Nintendo Switch, known as SwitchRoot, published on a forum its features, limitations and the installation process to be carried out. The only thing missing at this point is the download link, but the page says that the developers expect to publish it soon.

The build will be based on LineageOS 15.1 and consequently on Android 8.1 Oreo, instead of Android Q as initially assumed. Furthermore, the team assured that “all the files necessary for the installation will be supplied in a convenient ZIP file, including a bootloader,” although the successful start of the OS on Switch, remains completely uncertain.

Android Switch for the moment cannot be used for practical applications of any kind, as it is only a first test to guarantee the installation of the operating system on the Nintendo home console which, with all the technical limitations of the case, the idea of ​​installing it may not even materialize.

There will be many disadvantages, from the installation of the system: the duration of the battery will go to remarkably reduce, the stand-by feature of the device will not work, the automatic rotation will turn out to be also a great problem, the screen will not turn off once inserted the console in the dock, the state of charge will not be detected (even if the Switch is recharged), and the input via touchscreen and joycons will be able to give some problems.

Although the developers of the Switchroot team have stated that they are confident about Nintendo’s leniency, the project’s growth depends solely on it. Nintendo could in fact decide to block everything in some way or perhaps take inspiration from these experiments to open its console to the vast Android ecosystem.

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And what do you think? Are you interested in having an Android system on your Nintendo Switch console?