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Nintendo Switch to get Pokémon Sun and Moon version codenamed as Pokemon Stars

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Some unspecified sources have confirmed to the existence of a version for Switch for version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, currently under development in the studios of Game Freak with the codename of Stars Pokemon.


As we learned from the British magazine, Pokémon Sun and Moon would be ready to also debut on Nintendo Switch, where it will arrive with the codename of Pokémon Stars.

The development of the Switch versions seems to have gone hand in hand with those of the editions for 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Moon for the home console should include several improvements (in addition to a more polished technical sector), including some new Pokemon, and the opportunity to exchange monsters thanks to the app of Pokemon Box.

Again according to the sources in question, the two games will come on Switch during the summer of 2017, at least this is the current goal but the launch could be postponed to the Christmas season next year.
Pokemon Sun and Moon arrives today in North America and Japan whereas in Europe the two new episodes of the series will be available from November 23.

Obviously, although the British magazine is not usual to say too much on this rumor which has no certainty, we invite you to treat this news cautiously and wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo.