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Nintendo Switch Has Three Times the Number of Games as Wii U did With The Same Life Cycle

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According to the data reported by the Kotaku magazine, during the same period of activity of Nintendo Switch and Wii U, the hybrid console of the Kyoto house has tripled the titles compared to those that the Wii U did at the same point.

A fact that, given the success of Switch, not surprising, considering the poor sales of the home console that preceded it. The research conducted by Kotaku took into account 18,000 games and 250,000 reviews published by Metacritic comparing the number of games released on Switch and Wii U in the same time frame of their life cycles.

In summary, after 279 days from commercialization, Nintendo Switch has a catalog of 191 games: to reach such a figure, Wii U took 400 days longer.

Attached to the news, at the top of the news you will find the graph of the games published on Switch and on Wii U at a distance of 279 from the respective placing on the market. Let us know in the comments what you think about this data.

The chart, available at the top of the news, highlights the surge of many positive votes right now for Switch games, compared to those launched on Wii U and Wii in the same period. We will see how the Nintendo Switch will continue in 2018, with the arrival of additional video games for the hybrid console.