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Nintendo Switch surpasses first 26 week PS4 sales after its debut in Japan

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As shown by the various figures released in recent months, Nintendo Switch has been a commercial success since its launch. This success seems even more impressive when the first weeks of Japanese marketing of the Switch and the PS4 are compared.

Nintendo is aiming to surpass with Switch what it achieved with Wii U next year, and the last figures that Mediacreate showed on the sales of the console in Japan indicate that the brand is on track.

The latest numbers show that Nintendo Switch sold 1,527,962 units on the Japanese island 26 weeks after its debut, which can be directly compared to the sales that PlayStation 4 obtained, currently dominant in the market, at the start. By the 26th week, the Sony console had sold only 665,760 systems.

As you will see in the week-by-week comparative list above, how impressive are the numbers held by Switch despite the time that has passed since the console was released. Only in 26 weeks, Nintendo Switch would have reached almost 70,000 units.

If we go to the largest numbers, PlayStation 2 is the absolute king with 155 million units sold in its history, followed by the original PlayStation, with 102.5 million and Nintendo Wii, with 101.6 million.

It is expected that by the end of the life of PlayStation 4, the console will also surpass the mark of 100 million. The question would be: Will Switch also achieve it?