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Nintendo Switch supports Cloud Saves after all

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It seems that, after all, Nintendo has a cloud storage system for Nintendo Switch, although everything points to it is an exclusive feature of the company.

The story begins with the user of Reddit Patsuann, who sent his console for Nintendo to repair. When he had it back, he went to check the system and realized that none of his items were stored in the memory of the Switch. But this changed when he started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as Patsuann noticed that there was a cloud icon next to the game.

Then the system asked him to download an update and, once completed, he realized that all his downloaded games were back. Watch the video here.

For now, Nintendo has no plans to add support for saving games on the cloud, so we assume that this option is exclusive to the company. Another important point to note is that the user did not buy another console, so the saved data will probably remain attached to the Nintendo Switch.

Remember that the Nintendo Switch Question and Answer Center mentions that saved game data is stored in system memory and can not be saved or copied to a microSD card or any external device.

So, at the moment it is not clear how games can be recovered in the Nintendo Switch in case of being deleted. The company also has not mentioned whether in every repair of the console there will be option to get back the lost data. For now, we expect more information from Nintendo.

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