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Nintendo Switch Standard Game Card Capacity could be around 16GB: Rumor

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Nintendo still keeps several details of Nintendo Switch secret, but as happened when it was still known as NX, several individuals have searched everywhere to get ahead of the Japanese company. Thanks to that, a renowned journalist from Japan, leaked the supposed standard capacity of cartridges for Nintendo Switch.


According to the information from Takashi Mochizuki, a correspondent for The Wall Street Journal in the country of Japan, Nintendo Switch cartridges have a capacity of approximately 16 GB. As mentioned from the source, it is less than the capacity found in a Blu-ray disc of 1 layer (25 GB).

Importantly, Mochizuki said that this is the course that will be the standard size of cartridges in launching Switch, but there is nothing to indicate that there will be others with greater capacity. It is also possible to mention that the standard cartridges, refers to is simply the minimum capacity of physical games for Nintendo Switch.

That said, it is likely that several first-party titles for Nintendo Switch will not need higher capacity cartridges. As you know, the Japanese company has been highlighted by impressive compression techniques to some of the best titles for Wii U such as Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 will not occupy more than 4.9 GB.

In related news, a reliable source shared information received on the hardware of Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, the president of Nintendo acknowledged that they are willing to produce more units of Switch if they notice a great interest for its console.

Nintendo Switch is scheduled to debut in March next year and we will have to wait until January for details.