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Nintendo Switch Specs may be less powerful than PS4

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As it is already customary each week, a new rumor related to the Nintendo Switch is here. This time, the media VentureBeat claims to have information which proves that the next Nintendo console is less powerful than the PlayStation 4.

According to the site, it obtained information from two anonymous sources who “asked to keep their names out of this story,” but assured that Nintendo Switch is based on the architecture of Maxwell, leaving aside Pascal, technology launched by Nvidia earlier this year. This means that the Tegra chip for the console would not generate graphics to match Xbox One or PlayStation 4, although “manages to generate without problems the graphics that it accustoms Nintendo,” said VentureBeat.

We must also remember that for the portable features of Nintendo Switch, a report from Eurogamer points out that the screen will display 720p quality. Meanwhile, the long-awaited 1080p could be shown when the console is placed in the Dock to play on the television screen, because this basis provide extra ventilation for Nintendo Switch to use its maximum power.

So far, everything is uncertain, and although the power of this system can be lower than the other consoles, it makes sense if we remember that Nintendo Switch is designed to be a portable and home system at the same time.

Just for clarification, remember that in 2015 VentureBeat mentioned that, according to its source, Nintendo Switch (then codenamed NX) uses AMD technology, a situation that eventually ended up being false.

This and the millions of questions we have regarding the Nintendo Switch will be clarified on January 12, 2017, when the Japanese company performs the presentation event, where we will know the price, departure and line-up of video games.

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