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Nintendo Switch sold 80,000 units at launch in the UK

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Nintendo Switch seems to have behaved very well commercially in the United Kingdom: in accordance to the reports by GFK Chart-Track, the console has sold around 80,000 units in England during the launch weekend, about double compared to Wii U, which debuted at the end of 2012 in the UK market with 40,000 units sold.

Apparently Nintendo Switch launch in UK has not gone bad at all. The new console of the historic Japanese manufacturer has in fact sold 80,000 units. To make a direct comparison, this is double than what Wii U was sold in 2013, which stood at 40,000 units, but less than what was done by Nintendo 3DS (113,000 units).

For Nintendo, this is the fourth best hardware launch ever after those of Nintendo 3DS (113,000 pieces), Wii (105,000 units) and Nintendo DS (87,000 pieces), a good result as we can see, although Switch has recorded lower sales compared to the day one launch of PlayStation 4 (250,000 consoles sold) and Xbox One (150,000 units), always with regard to the UK market.

It should however be specified that the Switch launch was much softer than that of the Sony and Microsoft consoles, as for the period, both for the number of units distributed in European stores, much lower than the competition. However, it is a very good performance for Nintendo, whose initial goal, remember, is to sell 2,000,000 units by the end of March.

From the software point of view, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the best selling title of the console, the game debuted at second place on the UK charts, the top ten also includes 1-2-Switch and Super Bomberman R. Undoubtedly a good start for Switch.