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Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Now Available


It is possible to play many Nintendo SNES games on the Switch via the Switch Online service. But it was still missing the possibility to do it with the classic SNES controller: it is not the case now.

In order to enjoy a gaming experience that faithfully reproduces that of the 16-bit era, Nintendo offers on its Store a controller incorporating the design and ergonomics of the classic controller of the SNES.

Priced at $29.99, this SNES controller is currently in pre-order, provided you subscribe to the Switch Online service. Deliveries will begin by the end of the week, initially in the United States. This SNES controllers for Switch is however not yet available for purchase in our country, but this will not belong. Also, note that Nintendo does not allow to buy more than four SNES controllers per account.

Of course, this controller is perfectly suited for SNES games, but it will be more difficult to use with recent games. The reduced number of buttons and the unique directional cross somewhat limit the possibilities with the current Switch games. This is also why this SNES controller is displayed at a lower price than the Pro controller of the Switch.

Fortunately, Nintendo still had a good idea to modernize a bit of its SNES controllers. It is now possible to use it wirelessly, a USB cable to recharge the controller being delivered. Finally, an update of the console (firmware 9.0) will be necessary to use the SNES controllers with its Switch.

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