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Nintendo Switch Save Games cannot be transferred to another system

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As reported by Polygon, at the moment there is no way to transfer the save game data from one Nintendo Switch to another system: the save game can not be moved from the console to an SD card, the only possibility offered by the system is related to the deletion of files.

After checking out the unboxing video of the new Nintendo Switch, here comes further details about the console, which, today, inform us of the fact that the locally saved data can not be currently transferred to a Micro SD card!

The problem in question arises when the space available for storing save game, remember that being of 32GB, runs out. At this point, the user will unable to transfer their save game data to external memory, because Nintendo did not provide any option to do so.

At the moment it is not possible in any way to move the save game from the internal memory of the console, even after installing the day-one update. Polygon has contacted Nintendo of America for further clarification, and this is the answer of the company: “At this time, it is not possible to transfer save data from one Nintendo Switch system to another.”

It is not clear whether in the future the situation will change, maybe this option will be added in the future system updates.