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Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer becomes the most Popular Video on Nintendo’s YouTube Account

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Nintendo fans are very excited about the recent announcement of Nintendo Switch and the proof is that the reveal trailer of the console becomes the most popular video on the Nintendo of America account on YouTube.


It seems that Nintendo has captivated the market after the fabulous Nintendo Switch trailer that was released yesterday. At the time of writing this news, the video has already exceeded 12 million views and already ranks as the #1 trending video on the YouTube platform.

That’s right, the trailer for the Nintendo Switch is the most watched from the official channel of Nintendo with more than 12.9 million views at the time of this writing, beating the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shown at E3 2016, which has just over 9.3 million views.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch video has a ratio of like-to-dislike very positive. The trailer has barely 16,713 dislikes, but has more than 400,000 likes.

We must remember that the video was also revealed in other official accounts of Nintendo, the Japanese channel and the company where it earned 2.3 million views, and UK channel with more than 628,000 views.

In related information, we know that the Nintendo Switch will support amiibo, however, the company left behind the possible backward compatibility with Wii U or 3DS games.