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Nintendo Switch provides access to eShop of other regions

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Good news for those who are preparing to buy a Nintendo Switch. From the numerous tests that are being made in the last hours on the Nintendo eShop it seems that Nintendo Switch can switch from one region to another.

Since the announcement of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has revealed that all of the console games would be Region Free. This means that you can buy anywhere in the world without any problem of use of a console purchased in another state.

The hybrid device of the Big N, as it is known, will not have region locks regarding the software purchased in the store, but it was not yet discussed about the products used in digital.

New details about this feature came with the introduction of the Nintendo eShop that occurred in recent hours. Today, with the pre-day-one update that introduced the eShop on Nintendo consoles, we learn that it will be possible to move from one region to another store to buy products not available, for example, on the European version.

It is a very interesting feature, which goes against the trend of the past of the company. To do so, as it happens on the platforms of Sony and Microsoft, just an eShop account is required, whether Japanese or American.

Remember, however, that games and their DLC must be purchased in the same region because they are connected.