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Rumor: Nintendo Switch Pro Will Be 25% More Powerful Thanks To Nvidia Tegra X1+ Chip

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Nintendo Switch Lite is not widely available on the world market, offering an exclusively portable version of the hybrid console of the Kyoto company, which ideally should go to fill that slice of the market dominated by users who were waiting for a true successor to the 3DS. The console had been at the center of rumors since autumn/winter 2018; as we now know, the rumors were correct. We must also not forget that along with the Lite model (called “Mini”, at the time) there was also talk of Nintendo Switch Pro.

Now, this supposedly enhanced model returns to the center of attention. Indeed, recent rumors claim that Nvidia is about to propose a new version of Shield TV with an enhanced version of the Tegra X1 chip, simply called Tegra X1+. This should grant a 25% higher performance than the previous version. According to an analysis by the website Notebookcheck, it is possible that Nintendo also wants to take advantage of these new chips for its Nintendo Switch Pro model.

In addition, the Tegra X1+ should also integrate an AI to aid in game upscaling, perhaps to reach 4K. According to rumors, Nintendo Switch Pro should be an exclusively domestic console, without the possibility of using it on the move. In this way, Nintendo would have three variants of the same console, to cover every market (completely portable, hybrid, completely fixed).

As already mentioned, however, these are only speculations built over rumors, so you need to take the information with a pinch of salt. For now there is nothing left to do but wait for new statements from Nintendo. Perhaps at the beginning of next year we will be able to find out something about it.

In the meantime, however, do you believe that the Kyoto house can really adopt such a strategy? Tell us in the comments below.