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Nintendo Switch PRO Controller Appears To Be Revised

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In a mere silence, after updating its Nintendo Switch, it seems that the Kyoto company has also proposed a revision for its Pro Controller, the controller that focuses on maneuverability and ergonomics to make you play in the company of the hybrid console.

As reported by the SiG user of ResetEra, in fact, the previous model was known as 104889D, while a new model is currently arriving in stores, identified – on the box – by code 104889E.

It is difficult, in fact, to notice any difference. Even the YouTuber Spawn Wave, who deals with dismantling devices to see the interior, did not find particular differences under the body of the new controller, compared to what the previous one was.

The only obvious change lies in the D-Pad, but it could be linked by the fact that one is essentially immaculate, while the other has already been abundantly used.

We’ll see if there will be more news and if we find out what this silent revision of the Pro Controller is – if there are, in fact, any changes.

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