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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller also works with PC Games

The YouTuber “Drewoof” posted a video to show the proper functioning of Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch on PC: the joypad can be connected via Bluetooth, and is recognized by most of the titles available on Steam.

If you have not yet decided whether the investment in the Pro Controller of the Nintendo Switch is worthwhile, then there is now perhaps another argument for the controller.

As the Youtuber Drewoof shows in his two videos shown at the end of this article, the Pro Controller thanks to Bluetooth compatibility can be also connected to the PC for playing games. Note that, the Pro controller can not be used via a USB connection. With the button at the top of the controller or the ShareButton, however, a connection to the PC can be established.

Drewoof tried to use the controller with the Dolphin emulator and later set up the joypad on Steam, being able to play without any problems. The Pro Controller of Nintendo Switch is recognized as a generic Bluetooth input device and regularly works with PC games, although at the moment there is no software available for customizing the controls.

The joypad does not seem to be rather compatible with smartphones and tablets, to these devices the accessory is not in fact properly revealed by iOS and Android systems.

The Pro Controller will arrive together with the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017 for $69.99 dollars.

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