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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Charming Video Revealed

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One of the most beautiful videos we saw tonight among all the announcements that have to do with Nintendo Switch was the one that presented an application with which parents can control and monitor what their children are doing with the Nintendo Switch home console. Let’s forget about those times when the solution was to disconnect the console when the child did not want to stop playing!

Nintendo did not skimp on the means towards the parental control of the Switch. Parents will be entitled to the rights of full app to supervise their children.

One does not joke with the parental control on Nintendo. Proof is in line with the possibilities of restriction offered by the Switch via a mobile app that the most worried parents should download on iOS or Android. Thanks to the app, they will be able to watch their children at a distance and see if they do not abuse too much of their favorite devouring passion. It will not only serve to observe what the younger players play but will especially manage their game time and sanction if necessary.

Very complete, the app will provide a summary to see, for example, which games are most appreciated. In its video showing parental control, Nintendo indicates that this feature will be a boon to bring parents and children closer to this hobby, perhaps common.

The video introduces Bowser and his little Bowser Jr. in various real-life situations like controlling the amount of time he plays, seeing how many hours he has invested in what types of games, allowing or restricting the use of online modes among many other things.

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Although the video is completely in Japanese – we will look for a localized version if it is published and we will update the news – the video is sufficiently graphic enough to understand the usefulness of this useful application.