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Nintendo Switch Online Adds “Rewind” Feature for NES Classics

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Nintendo has announced the Rewind tool for NES classic games which is now available with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The NES game library, available only for Nintendo Switch Online members, offers games like Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Donkey Kong.

On Twitter, the official account of Nintendo of America shared a video showing the new Rewind tool in action. In a Super Mario Bros. scene, the player is eliminated from an annoying Piranha Plant, but is able to use Rewind to go back a few seconds and avoid his death.

In another scene of the trailer, Link is shown, the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda, who is hit by an enemy bullet. Using the Rewind function again, the player avoids the attack and defeats the enemy. There is also a scene of Dr. Mario in which the player fails to correctly match the symbols and ends up crashing out of the level. However, again using the new function, go back a few frames and try to put them in the correct position.

Some players like the idea of ​​not having to worry much about one level failure, as Rewind means that they can go on without thoughts and, in the event of death, correct the shot later. Some other members of Nintendo Switch Online, however, claim that this is just a form of cheating.

The latest rumors about a Premium subscription to Nintendo Switch Online have left many fans wondering when things like cloud-based support and text chat will be added to the service. Neither of these two options has been confirmed but in the meantime, subscribers will be able to enjoy NES games with the new Rewind feature as they wait for updates.