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Report: Nintendo Switch New Models Coming Soon

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Only someone outside the history of Nintendo in video games would think that there will be a revision of Nintendo Switch and more if you take into account the portability of the console, a sector where the Japanese company usually offers more models than what happens with their home systems. Well, the information regarding a possible revision of Switch continues to flow and a new report indicates that the new model of the hybrid console would be ready for autumn.

After a report by The Wall Street Journal raised expectations about the possibility that new revisions of Switch are on the way, Nikkei has just done the same by pointing out that the new model of the console would be ready this year and it would debut in the market this fall. According to the information, the first direction that Nintendo will take will be towards the offer of a more economical model of its hybrid console that would be focused on its portable performance, however, it will not have the option of using the dock to deploy on TV. In that sense, the price of the console would be lower than the current model because it will be smaller and inside will be reflected cost savings thanks to optimizations in manufacturing processes.

Now, the information of the site indicates that as far as a second model, in this case, more powerful of Switch, there is no information then, in fact, what Nintendo would be doing would be to prepare a console of next generation that would be very different from its current hardware offer. In that sense, the report points out that there are already Nintendo teams working on the operating system, functionality and graphics potential, although we still do not know who or who are the leaders of this project.

Like all information of this type, and more in the case of Nintendo, it is necessary to take it with reservation because until now there is nothing official on the part of the Japanese company.

What’s your opinion about it? Will Nintendo try to pair with the release of the next-generation consoles and turn the Switch into a functional device with its next console? Tell us in the comments below.