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Nintendo Switch Mini Supports 1080p Screen & Longer Battery Life, According To an Analyst

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Rumors linked to possible new Nintendo Switch models have been going on for many months now. After a period of silence, however, they returned in vogue: in particular, there has often been talk of a Nintendo Switch Mini in recent times, following the leak of a series of accessories for the console, such as cases and protective glasses. Now, the analyst Jim McGregor of Tirias Research has also spoken about this new console.

The analyst says that the new Nintendo Switch Mini will take advantage of the new Nvidia Tegra processor and will thus reach 1080p in a mobile version. In addition, the console will have built-in controls that can no longer be separated like the current JoyCon: in this way, Nintendo will create the true portable Switch. Furthermore, the new processor will make the battery last longer.

An enhanced Nintendo Switch is also mentioned, which, together with Nintendo Switch Mini, will be able to reach an even wider market and capitalize thanks to the increase in software, or games, and the base player.

It is not clear on what basis these forecasts are made, but normally Tirias Research is close to the big consumer electronics companies, so it is possible that McGregor has reliable sources. The house of Kyoto, for its part, did not comment on the possible new versions of the console, simply stating that “we are always performing the development of new hardware.” We know well, however, that the lack of news does not mean that there is nothing at stake: Nintendo tends not to miss details until just before the announcement.

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What do you think? Would a mini version but at the same time more powerful than the current model be the right choice? Tell us in the comments below.2