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Nintendo Switch Lite with 5.5″ Touchscreen Officially Announced for $199

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After many rumors, the “mini” version of Nintendo Switch was finally announced. The official name is Nintendo Switch Lite and it is a less expensive version of the hybrid console. It will be sold for $199. It is a uniquely portable model, so it does not offer the dock mode and cannot be connected to the TV in any way.

There are obviously other changes. Nintendo Switch Lite is much lighter: it is a key feature for a portable console. As you can also see from the video at the bottom of this news, the Joy-Con is part of the console structure. The layout of the controls is practically identical: the only difference is related to the directional buttons that have now been replaced by a real d-pad.

Furthermore, the IR camera in the right Joy-con has been removed. Even the rumble HD is no longer present. For these reasons, some games designed to exploit these features will need Joy-Con classics to work, obviously sold separately.

According to the claims of Nintendo, the console’s battery is slightly better than the hybrid version. The console will be available in three colors: Gray, Yellow and Turquoise. The screen changes from 6.2 inches to 5.5 inches.

The console will be available starting September 20, 2019, the same day as Link’s Awakening. A special Pokemon-themed version (which you can see above in the images) will also be released on November 8, at the same price as the standard version.

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