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Nintendo Switch Lite Official Unboxing Video

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Nintendo Switch Lite will be available from today, September 20, in gray, turquoise and yellow color.

Very little is missing for the release of Nintendo Switch Lite, the portable version of the known hybrid console of the Big N.

After the first unboxing video that popped up on the net a few days ago, the Kit & Krysta duo offers us a second official unboxing video on the official Twitter profile of Nintendo that shows us the console in all its glory.

You can check the unboxing video of this new Nintendo console below.

Switch Lite is a new model of the successful hybrid platform of Nintendo, which abandons its function as a desktop console to focus on portable gameplay, at the cost of a price reduction.

Recall that Switch Lite limits the concept of the original Nintendo Switch: from being a portable console with two controls that could be separated to play with someone, but that can also be connected to a TV through a base; This console is simply portable: neither the controls are separated nor it can be connected to the TV.

This means that games like Ring Fit Adventure will be incompatible with Switch Lite, but in return, the console is smaller, has more autonomy time and is somewhat cheaper.

Nintendo’s promise is that the Switch Lite can reach 9 hours of autonomy, being more likely to stay in about 5 hours if you play Super Mario Odyssey or games with graphics like that. The new Nintendo console is a smaller and more economical version of its existing model.

Are you excited for the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite? Will you purchase this new console of Nintendo? Tell us in the comments below.