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Nintendo Switch Lite: List of Games Not Compatible With the Console

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Nintendo Switch Lite will only allow portable gaming and will not let you unplug the controllers: it means that some games will not be compatible, but which ones?

Being designed for portable use only, Nintendo Switch Lite will not allow you to remove its Joy-Con controllers: the body is indeed a unique piece, without removing any part being possible. This means that games that require you to remove Joy-Con and use them individually will not be compatible with the console. What kind of games is it?

List of Games Not Compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite:

All games that require the use of Joy-Cons disconnected from the console will not be compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite. The names, for now, are not very many and focus mainly on the game experiences in the party game, or on those particularly distant from tradition.

Super Mario Party:
In the case of the party game, in fact, it will not be possible to play it with the console on the go, because it requires the game in table format (console outside the base, but with Joy-Con detached) or in TV format.

Nintendo Labo:
It goes without saying, also in this case, that you can’t build your cardboard with Joy-Con, if you don’t have Joy-Con to disconnect from the console.

Just Dance Series:
In the absence of the Joy-Con, even in this case, it is not possible to interact with the dance game.

1-2 Switch:
The series of mini-games designed specifically to enhance the use of Joy-Con, also and above all without looking at the console screen, you will not be able to play on Switch Lite.

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How to find out if a game is compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite:

To ensure that a game is compatible or not with Switch Lite, you will need to look at the back of its package. Among the indications, there is also a series of icons showing how the title can be played. If the one for portable gaming is highlighted, you will have no problems on Nintendo Switch Lite.


As for the purchase of digital games, on the page of each is the “Details” field. Among these, there are also the game modes with which the title is compatible, under the heading “Functionality”. Here, check for the reference to the portable mode.

Recall that Nintendo Switch Lite will release on September 20th. On the other hand, it will be possible to transfer save files from Original Switch to Switch Lite.