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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Desynching issues found in pre-release hardware

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It seems that the Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch are going through problems, because according to reports related to the pre-launch systems, the controls of the console lose connection.

Since this week, Nintendo started sending consoles to the press, so some people have already had the opportunity to test the long-awaited system. However, some noticed that when playing games on the new console there are problems with the left Joy-Con.

In this situation, Polygon was in charge of collecting some tweets from the journalists who already have the system and are experiencing these drawbacks. This situation is expected to improve with the release of an update, but Nintendo has not provided any comment.

But what is happening? Thanks to a video of GameXplain we can know that at least one of the connection problems is related to the Joy-Cons signal and the console. Apparently, the signal of the controls can not cross certain bodies or objects, just by placing your hand on any Joy-Con, it loses connection and stops working properly.

At the moment it is not clear if this is the only cause of this problem, but Nintendo has mentioned that it is already investigating the situation, so hopefully some statement in the coming days will be released.

Nintendo Switch will debut next week, on March 3 to be more accurate.