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Nintendo Switch is being developed by “younger people”

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Nintendo Switch is not only the console with which Nintendo seeks to return to the top of the industry, but is also a great test for several of its members. This is because, in the words of Shigeru Miyamoto, a young team is responsible for its development.

“We have these younger people in the company who are taking the lead on Switch development and it’s really been them that have put this forward and designed this system. They’re the ones that have really shepherded it through the process,” said Miyamoto in a recent interview with Glixel.

The creative behind series like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, said this new way of working has allowed him to concentrate on other projects like Super Mario Run and amusement parks with Universal. “I’m going to keep looking for these kinds of opportunities where I can do something new and fun,” he said.

In December 2011, Miyamoto announced that he left his post as director general of the Department of analysis and development of Nintendo, to give opportunity to other members of the company. Since then, Miyamoto has worked so that the young talents of Nintendo exploit their creative abilities.

“There was a misunderstanding around my supposed retirement. Really at the time what we were talking about was giving more opportunity and more leadership opportunity to younger people in the company,” Miyamoto said.

Finally, Miyamoto clarified his role in the projects in which he collaborated. According to the legendary developer, its strength lies in finding the small or large changes to do a game, because it always focuses on building projects based on their structure.

As you know, we have to wait until January 12 for details on Nintendo Switch. However, rumors suggest that the console could receive several ports of titles for Wii U, such as Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Smash Bros.