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Nintendo Switch initial list of games revelead via GameStop

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Skyrim and NBA 2K17 are among the launch titles.

The leaks prior to the announcement of Nintendo Switch before its official presentation on Thursday January 12 do not stop, and now that there are only 24 hours to know everything about the console, it is GameStop that has been talking with the leak of an alleged list of titles for the console of the Big N which will accompany to the launch of same machine.

The list has been revealed by GameStop Germany, which includes titles yet to be announced and others with identifiable names, among which there is the presence of Just Dance 2017, Splatoon, Dragon Quest X, LEGO City Undercover, Mario Kart 8 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Among the third-party products there are titles such as NBA 2K17 and Skyrim, games that were already seen in the trailer of Nintendo Switch last October.

At the moment it has not been confirmed by Nintendo, so we will have to wait until the presentation event to know if those names, among which there are also Mario and Sonic, end up materializing in real games for the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch.

In recent news, The Nintendo New York store has revealed that Nintendo Switch pre-orders will be limited. Through their offical Twitter account, they have mentioned that there will be a limited amount of pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch. These will start at 9:00 am on January 13th.

Nintendo can not risk a situation similar to that of Wii U, when it flooded the market with an excessive amount of units of this console. But no one in this world or any other wants to see a shortage at the level of the NES Classic Edition or what happened with the Wii several years.

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