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Nintendo Switch: How to take and share screenshots of the games

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A video posted by YouTuber “Arekkz Gaming” shows how to capture and share screenshots of the games on the Nintendo Switch console. The “Share” key is positioned on the joypad and works in a similar way to the same features for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

A press of the button will automatically save one screenshot, which will be filed in the appropriate album accessible from the main menu. From here, you can share images, move them from the system memory to the SD card, delete and customize them with a short message.

The capture can of course also be quickly shared on the social network, at the time, however, this feature is disabled and will be activated on March 3 with the day-one update.

How to Take Screenshots on the Switch:
1. First, you have to tap the “Square” button on the left Joy-Con and then you can capture a pic of your current screen.

2. Note that the “Square” button on the left Joy-Con is the dedicated screenshot button.

3. If you want to view your screenshots, then you can simply open Album in the Home Menu to see it.

4. You can easily save the screenshots either in the System Memory or to the microSD card.

How to Share Screenshots:
1. You will have to select a Screenshot in the Album by pressing “A” button.

2. After that just press the “A” button again to access the Editing & Posting Options.

3. After that you have a lot of options such as: Enter Text, Copy, Delete or Post:
i. If you want to enter Text then it will let you to type a message on top of the screenshot. You can also try to change text size, position/angle, color of text, and then stamp the text onto your screenshot.

ii. As for the Post, it requires that the Nintendo Switch be updated to the latest version of the system software. Thus, it will let you to share the screenshot on linked social media sites.

iii. As for the Copy option, it will let you to copy your screenshot into the microSD card which is inserted in the Nintendo Switch. Once you have copied a screenshot, then you will be able to access the album folder on a computer or a smartphone.