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Nintendo Switch Hidden VR Mode Found In The Console

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According to reports, the user random666_KYS discovered the existence of a hidden VR mode in the firmware of Nintendo Switch. Did the Big N plan to set up the hybrid console for virtual reality?

As you probably know in case you follow closely the events of Nintendo, the Big N has repeatedly stated that it does not want, at least for the moment, to focus on virtual reality. However, a user in question has basically discovered a kind of hidden VR mode inside the hybrid console.

If you remember, last year a similar discovery was made by the user Cody Brocious, in that case finding the references to VR in the code of the operating system of Nintendo Switch. What was discovered by random666_KYS, however, is even more interesting: the user actually managed to find the VR mode by navigating through the hidden menus of the console, until it is put into operation.

As you can see in the image proposed at the bottom of the news, the hidden VR mode of Switch is limited to split the screen into two equal parts, requiring the user to move the screen away from the face and click on the close button, just as would happen in a VR mode with support display.

Did Nintendo plan to include virtual reality support on Switch, at least in the initial plans?