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Nintendo Switch: Hardware sales grow by 44% in Japan

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Media Create and Famitsu have released some numbers relating to hardware and software sales on the Japanese market in the first half of the year, ie the period between December 26, 2016, and June 25, 2017.

The Japanese video game industry seems to be back on a good level mainly due to the popularity of Nintendo Switch, which helped all the other manufacturers to boost sales.

Specifically, in this period of time, hardware sales have touched proportion of 76.51 billion yen, up by 44% over the same period last year. According to Famitsu, the merit would be the success of Nintendo Switch, despite limited stocks sent to retailers.

The software sales declined by 4.6%, settling at an altitude of 76.69 billion yen. Here are the hardware and software data spread by Famitsu and Media Create:

Hardware Ranking For 6 First Months Of 2017: (26 December 2016/25 June 2017)
1. Nintendo Switch: 1,016,473 million units sold
2. Sony PS4: 877,630 (now at 4,799,246 total)
3. Nintendo DS: 872,620 (22,784,033)
4. Sony PS Vita: 260,296 (5,507,715)
5. Microsoft XBox One: 5,093 (78,041)

Software Ranking For 6 First Months Of 2017: (26 December 2016/25 June 2017)
1. Monster Hunter XX for 3DS (1,640,005 units sold)
2. Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS (527,862)
3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch (501, 614)
4. Zelda Breath Of The Wild for Switch (464,480)
5. Super Mario Maker for 3DS (397,656)
6. Biohazard 7 for PS4 (324,066)
7. NieR: Automata for PS4 (311,906)
8. Momotaro Dentetsu 2017 Tachiagare Nippon!! for 3DS (263,790)
9. Yokai Watch Sukiyaki for 3DS (215,297)
10. 1-2 Switch for Switch (200,807)

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The Japanese market was not growing for three years in the period under consideration, Nintendo Switch has definitely helped as in previous months, sales were down.