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Nintendo Switch hardware details and online features revealed

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During the presentation event of Nintendo Switch held in the morning, there were released the first details of hardware and online features of the new hybrid of the house of Kyoto.

Compared to Wii and Wii U, the console uses the eye interaction between online users with a new paid service. Following are the key online features of Switch:

1. You will be able to create so-called “online appointments”.
2. The features can be viewed comfortably through a smart device.
3. Players will experience the new features for free for a limited period of time.
4. The console has wireless capabilities that allow you to connect up to eight systems of Nintendo Switch.

Also from Tokyo directly reaches this new official information about the hardware:

1. The battery life will vary from a minimum of 2.5 to a maximum of 6 hours.
2. The console is equipped with a capacitive touch screen.
3. Switch will load and connect to the dock via USB Type C.
4. Players can capture and share on social media their gameplay videos and screenshots.

The new JoyCon will be more than just a controller to play on the move, but can be used in creative ways to interact with titles of Switch:

1. When detached from the console, the JoyCon becomes two separate controllers.
2. The JoyCon will be sold in different colors, and will be equipped with a strap.
3. The colors confirmed so far are neon blue and red.
4. The JoyCon will be equipped with an IR camera capable of detecting the presence of objects in front of them. They will also be able to recognize different gestures made with the hand.
5. The new HD Rumble call feature will be able to distinguish different weights and movements for the controllers.