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Nintendo Switch generated more interest than PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio

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A study published by the firm ICO Partners ensures that Nintendo Switch generated more interest than PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio during their respective advertisements.


A new study published by ICO Partners has revealed that the announcement of Nintendo Switch generated more media interest than the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio, although its spread was somewhat smaller than the Sony console.

At first glance, the numbers indicate that the new Nintendo console was less broadcasted than PS4 Pro in September, but higher than Project Scorpio at E3 2016. specifically, the media wrote 4283 articles about PS4 Pro, 3636 on Switch and 1068 on Scorpio.

According to analyst Thomas Bidaux, the second place means a minor victory for Nintendo; however, the real triumph of Switch is in the number of media that covered its revelation. The figures show that 1311 media devoted space to Switch, while only 1144 did the same with PS4 Pro and 834 with Scorpio.

In addition, ICO Partners said that this small advantage is not only reflected in the media of video games, but in general channels, technological interest in specialized sites and even science fiction and board games. In other words, the news reverberated Nintendo Switch stronger than their competitors in general.

Nintendo Switch was introduced last week with a short three-minute trailer where it was confirmed to be a hybrid between portable and desktop console.

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