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Nintendo Switch: Full details on Day One update

Nintendo Switch will hit stores on March 3, as we know on day one a small system update will be available, now we have new details about the contents of this update, which will be required to use all the capabilities of the console.

After the important confirmation on the battery life and the features that enable customers to improve performance in portable mode, there’s also some details about the system update of the day-one for Nintendo Switch, revealed by the Japanese company a few days ago.

In particular, the update enables all online features, including access to the Nintendo eShop, the ability to connect your Nintendo account, play online games and share images on social networks. Also some the problem will be solved (experienced by holders of copies to the press).

The update will also introduce access to hotspots that require an authentication procedure, such as those found in hotels or coffee shops that offer this service, through the appearance of an applet that allows you to enter data.

The updated firmware will be available a few days before the launch of the console, on day one all holders of Nintendo Switch will then do a system update, a procedure that, ensures Nintendo, will be particularly quick and easy.

The update will be released shortly before the debut in stores, set at 3 March, but will be downloaded and installed quickly, without slowing down in any way console operations or interrupt any game sessions. Nintendo has also specified that to enable the purchase feature of the games from the eShop on Switch you will have to access the store once.

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