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Nintendo Switch firmware update 2.1.0 version available now

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Nintendo has released in recent hours the 2.1.0 firmware update for the operating system of Switch: this update adds no new features but merely fixes some bugs and improves the OS stability during use of some unspecified applications.

After a period of more than three weeks since the launch of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has decided to upgrade the new console of the Big N to version 2.1.0. A firmware that apparently does not bring much news but does promise general improvements.

On the day of launch of Nintendo Switch all the buyers of the console had to update their machine to the version 2.0.0 to be able to accede to Nintendo eShop as well as other functionalities online; In addition, the transitions between menus and loading times to enter and exit the applications was the fastest we had ever seen on a Nintendo console.

Problems, however, came from elsewhere, with situations in which Switch has been freezing or with situations in which the fans have behaved in an unusual way, with exaggerated noises and temperatures. The Switch firmware version 2.1.0 is therefore intended to “improve overall system stability” as well as settings that enhance the so-called “user experience”.

For full-bodied updates we will probably have to wait for the next few months, Nintendo has in fact confirmed to be working to add new features to the operating system of Switch, including probably the much required Cloud save games.

We look forward to learn more, waiting to remind you that Nintendo has recently increased the production of the Switch console in order to get to distribute 20 million consoles in the first year of life of the console.

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