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Nintendo Switch features a Nvidia Tegra X1 standard and non-customized

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A new teardown of Nintendo Switch carried out from the website Tech Insights confirms the presence of a chipset of NVIDIA Tegra T210 as the beating heart of the new console of the home of Kyoto. The code identifies the chipset Tegra X1, shown below in the Stock version, as well as used by the manufacturer.

Nintendo Switch is driven by Nvidia Tegra X1, the same chip used by the company to the line of Shield TV. The hardware is hidden inside Nintendo Switch that has never been revealed in all respects from the parents of the console, so much so that to get accurate information you always had to turn to a rumor of uncertain reliability.

More than Wii U? Less than Xbox One? No one before the exit had a clear idea of what would be the exact features of this hybrid device, but fortunately the debut in market has set in motion all the high-tech experts who disassembled Switch to extrapolate every bit of its little secret.

The hardware that drives the new console of Nintendo seems to be developed in collaboration with NVIDIA in person, but it seems that the most delicate part, the GPU, is precisely their flagship mobile chipset, the Tegra X1, and not a modified custom version for the occasion.

Unlike what was hypothesized in the past, so we are not faced with a modified or enhanced version of the Tegra X1, the console does not even uses technology of Tegra X2, but it is the same unit found in the Nvidia Shield Android TV.