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Nintendo Switch eShop allows you to store credit card info

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After the latest maintenance operations carried out recently, the Nintendo eShop on Switch is updated with the ability to save the data of your credit card. This way you will no longer need to enter credentials every time you proceed with an online purchase.

Two months after the launch of Nintendo Switch, which has been a commercial success worldwide, Nintendo launches a feature called for purchases in the eShop: the ability to save your credit card details to the account of the console.

Other Nintendo platforms have allowed the storage of this private information on the console to facilitate future purchases. Now it is Nintendo Switch which adds to include this measure when making purchases from its platform of downloads.

So, in your next purchase, you can choose whether or not your credit card information should be stored in the console. You can also decide if the machine asks you the password again as a security measure just before making any monetary transaction.

In fact it was not the most comfortable, every time, having to enter the data of your credit card when you make a digital purchase on the Nintendo eShop of Switch. Fortunately, from this moment on, you can save the credentials of your card, automatically associating to your account.

One feature that you have really missed, don’t you? Let us know in the comments below.

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