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Nintendo Switch day-one update download takes less than a minute

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Are you still afraid that downloading the first update of the Nintendo Switch will take a long time? Relax, as that will not be the case so far. In fact, several media that have access to the console have reported that it was downloaded in less than a minute.

As reported by Polygon, the system will notify users that the 2.0.0 update is available once you turn on the device. It was also ensured that the whole process (download, install and restart) took less than 90 seconds. It does not hurt to remind you that in your case it may take a little longer (or less) as it depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Sadly, Nintendo does not specify how much space this update occupies; nevertheless, if downloading and installation finishes in less than 2 minutes then it means that it will not occupy much space. So, it seems that the update only includes a bit of code that activates some of its online functions instead of adding them from 0.

Keep in mind that this is not the only surprise that the update 2.0.0 for Nintendo Switch gave us. This we say as those who already have the console in their hands discovered that the infamous friend codes are back.

Nintendo Switch will be available starting tomorrow, March 3, and will cost $299.99 USD.