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Nintendo Switch day one update brings back friend codes with 300-friend cap

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A few hours separate us from the official launch of Nintendo Switch, and the house of Kyoto has also released a system update for the console, so that everything is ready for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the web is always filled with more screenshots that show the console interface and its functions.

Nintendo has launched a minor update that adds the latest release features for the  Nintendo Switch. As a result, sites that already have the console, have confirmed that Friend Codes are back.

The system, which consists of a long numerical code for each person, had already been used by the company on Wii U and 3DS, and will be the main method of adding friends to the Switch. You can enter the user-specific number and it will appear in a search field.

It’s interesting to note that Nintendo’s new account system – simply called as the Nintendo Account – allows you to have a username like PSN and Xbox Live, but the Switch has Friend Codes as the main way to make friends in the console’s online ecosystem.

According to testimony by users who have already got in their hands the new hybrid device of Nintendo, there are four different ways to add friends: you can search for Local Users, or search for users you have played with, ‘Friend Suggestions’ from Miitomo and Super Mario Run, or use the more traditional (and perhaps less immediate) search with Friend Code.

According to some reports, adding friends through the suggestions of Miitomo and Super Mario Run is rather intuitive and requires just a few minutes.