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Nintendo Switch Day-One and First Six Months launch lineup revealed by the Insider

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Laura Kate Dale, the insider who recently released some related rumors on Nintendo Switch has published a list of possible launch games for the console.


The list includes several titles that appeared in the revelation trailer of Switch, such as Splatoon and Skyrim, but also contains some names of the titles that so far Nintendo has not yet mentioned. They include, for example, Guardians of The Galaxy (developed by Telltale Games) and Mario Rabbids RPG (Ubisoft).

Other interesting games that will supposedly come to Nintendo Switch in its first months of availability are ports of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., The Silver Case and a reboot of Pikmin.

In addition, Dale added some facts that are worth to comment. In the case of Skyrim, the informant said that despite the declarations of Bethesda, contacts ensure that this title is confirmed to Switch, and also announced that a new Beyond Good & Evil will come exclusively to this platform in 2018.

Remember that, although the source is reliable, sometimes the insiders get information that is limited or out of date, and is subject to interpretation, so we recommend taking this news with a grain of salt. Here we leave the full list below:

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