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Nintendo Switch could have motion detection

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The Nintendo Switch was announced last week, however, the company left us with more questions than answers, and although it seems that rumors about this console disappeared after its presentation, it was not, as a new patent makes us think that there is more on this new console.


According to information released by Polygon, the Nintendo console will have a gyroscope, GPS, touch screen, compass, motion tracking, image recognition and the ability to project images onto a surface or hand. Interesting right?

The thing to keep in mind is that these features may or may not be in the final version of the console, but remember that everything is possible, as the company announced last week that there is still much more to show and tell about Nintedo Switch before its release.

Recall that in the past some patents that came to light ended up being true, such as the customizable controllers of the console. Also, if we do have a bit of memory, we remember that in August a similar rumor emerged, mentioning that the removable controller of the console would have advanced vibration and motion detection capabilities.

Also, the patent shows a set of holes in the sides of the device. For example, there are infrared cameras, sensors measuring light and the image projector. This could mean that Nintendo Switch will detect movement or gestures, as well as the ability to project images on a flat surface or the user’s hand. The above image shows a projected ball in the user’s hand, who can throw it to the screen by detecting movement of the console. However, no more details on this feature was given.

On the touch screen, the patent only shows a dimension that indicates this feature, however, but without more details. It is possible that the screen count with some functions for amiibo, although we’re not sure if the same will happen with the titles of the console.

On the other hand, the patent also reveals a camera on the back of the device, which, according to the images provided by Nintendo, it appears to be there, but as well as the company said, there is still much information to reveal.

Again, we can only wait, as the Japanese company announced that there will be new details about Nintendo Switch until next year, enough time to continue asking ourselves what else this console can do.

All we know for sure is that Nintendo Switch will have removable controllers, use cartridges, will support amiibo and not be backward compatible and will arrive in March 2017.