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Nintendo Switch could be a “Game-Changer”, according to CEO of GameStop

During the last meeting with the shareholders of the company, the CEO of GameStop Paul Raines spoke, and among other things, about Switch and the impact that the new console of Nintendo might have not only on the company’s business, but also in the world of video games.

Raines has announced that “We’re also seeing strong consumer interest for the upcoming launch of Switch from Nintendo. The Switch users physical media, and Nintendo products have historically a low digital download rate.”

27% of registered members of the Power-Up Rewards program plan to acquire the Switch, it comes to numbers in line with expectations, and very similar to those made record from Xbox One in the months before the launch: “I think it’s fair to say that bodes well for the launch and the success of this product, keeping in mind that we don’t even have specific details on price points on the market. I think we’re gonna be doing the survey again in mid-January, after all the details are out, and I think we’ll have a much better read on it at that time, but right now everything we’re seeing is very, very encouraging.”

The CEO of GameStop continues then sharing his impressions about Switch: “I’ve got to try Switch during a visit to the Nintendo’s Japanese headquarters. The Switch is a very interesting device and has the potential to expand incrementally the audience. I think it really got tremendous potential as a game changer. We’ll have to wait and see like everything else in this industry, the consumers will vote with their dollars …”

Recall that more details on Switch, like the release date, price and line-up, will be unveiled during a special press event scheduled on January 13.

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