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Nintendo Switch completely disassembled, looks easy to repair

A site of reparation has completely dismantled the brand new Nintendo console. It is easy to access the machines and, there are also some good news, as certain elements can be replaced without worry.

Hardly coming out, and already disassembled! The Nintendo Switch went under the screwdriver of the repairers of the website SOSAV, a French site in the same vein of iFixit. The complete disassembly of the first Big N hybrid console was done in 18 stages and took an hour in all.

The site assigns it the “repairability” score of 7.5/10, a note justified for example by the fact that no tool too exotic is required to open the case. The screws are either Tri-Wing type (like that of the iPhone 7) and require a suitable screwdriver or a conventional cruciform type.

The very good score obtained by the console is mainly explained by the fact that the battery easily extracts itself from its housing and disconnects in no time at all. One of the elements that will probably have to be changed after a few years of good and loyal service, this is rather good news. Other small electronics parts of the console also appear to be easily replaceable, in the image of certain connecting wires ending in small pressure sensors (standby, volume).

The only major negative point raised by the repair site is the requirement to use micro-welding as part of a replacement of the USB Type-C port serving both as a charging and connection interface with the dock.

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