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Report: Cheaper Version of Nintendo Switch Will Release in June 2019

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According to information, Nintendo has no plans to launch a revision of Switch this year, the rumors continue to appear and are becoming stronger as we approach E3 2019. Despite being a piece of information that should be taken with caution, the truth is that that this comes from specialized media in the financial sector who insist that a new model of the hybrid console will arrive this year and today Bloomberg revealed interesting things about it.

The most recent report on what Nintendo could present in a few weeks comes on this occasion from Bloomberg, a site that had access to privileged information from 2 sources that opted for anonymity and that ensure that the Japanese company will opt for a revision of Switch that will be cheaper in the market, leaving aside a version with greater power that, apparently, does not exist in the plans.

In that sense, the site and sources point out that although the hybrid console has had a great performance in the market and Nintendo shares are on the rise after its alliance with Tencent to enter the Chinese market, the reality is very different from the perspective of investors, who consider that Switch has remained in duty in terms of sales in its second year.

According to information from the sources, Nintendo’s response to investor uncertainty will be to launch a cheaper model of Switch, whose specifications are unknown, but which will go on sale at the end of June, seeking to boost sales of the company.

So far, the rumors surrounding Switch indicated that Nintendo would have in mind the launch of 2 new models, one cheap and the other with greater power, however, as time passes the information seems to ensure that the company will opt for the economic version.

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Like all information of this type, it is necessary to take it with due precaution and wait for Nintendo to confirm or deny everything related to the supposed revised version of Switch.

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