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Nintendo Switch Cartridge for Zelda Breath of the Wild Revealed

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For some time we knew that the Nintendo Switch will be using cartridges for their games. Now that the official presentation has been made we have also been able to give you a first look at the boxes of the games but also the cartridges.

Nintendo has changed the optical disks for the cartridges to the purest style compared to Nintendo DS, 3DS or even PS Vita. Do you want to see how they look? We have here a couple of images below.

As you can see, this little hardware is just a little larger than the Nintendo 3DS. Although we cannot already imagine how many of these cartridges will end up getting lost.

It is nothing new, as we already knew that this system would work with this type of technology, now we only have to wait to see the loading times and other things of this new cartridge’s of Nintendo Switch.

Previously, Nintendo has confirmed that the internal memory of Nintendo Switch in its basic edition (currently there is no model with superior storage capacity) will be 32GB, and a portion will be reserved for system information and, as we suppose, will eat a small part of the space.

What do you think about this new Nintendo Switch cartridge? Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.