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Nintendo Switch: A Video shows the Touchscreen in action

AllGamesDelta has released a video showing the touch screen of Nintendo Switch in action: the touch controls are very responsive and the screen, put to the test with Skylanders Imaginators, showed no particular problems or defects.

During the presentation of the Switch, Nintendo has never dwelt on the touch screen and has also never shown it in action (certainly to focus on the fact that the Switch is primarily a new console for the living room).

The launch of the console is fast approaching now, and events for the test were many but one person had the chance to try the touch capabilities of the games available at launch on 3 March, Skylanders: Imaginators. A video was broadcasted, and although we do not see much, it is quite interesting to notice that the screen of the console in portable mode reacts very well.

It remains to be seen if other developers will venture to develop new titles for the tactile functionality, which could be very useful for people who will mostly use the Switch in portable mode.

The display of Switch can play content to the maximum resolution of 720p, value perhaps not particularly high but surely enough to ensure a good visual quality, as demonstrated by the first hands-on of the console.

Recall that Nintendo Switch will be available from March 3 at a price of $299.99 USD and 329.99 euro. Finally, if you want to see how the touch screen of Nintendo Switch will be used, check out the video below.

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