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Nintendo Switch 3.00 firmware update adds Keyboard support

There is good news for all the users of Switch, as Nintendo has released the 3.00 system update which adds substantial improvements that will surely thank the players.

Thanks to the firmware upgrade, it is already possible to use Pro controls on Switch through charging cables, instead of just using wireless mode, which will be useful for those experiencing latency problems. You can also ask Switch to vibrate your Joy-Cons to find them in case you forgot where you left off.

Other benefits are that there are new sound and color options for different lighting situations. Users will also appreciate that Switch now has keyboard support, but will only work for typing.

Also, you will be able to add your friends to 3DS and Wii U, as you will find them in the “Friendship Suggestions” section. In addition, the system will advise you to delete software data once the console runs out of space for more downloads.

Finally, you will find stability and improvements in the user experience, as a solution to HDMI input, which caused problems on some TVs when the console was in the dock in Sleep Mode. Find each of the changes here.

It is clear that these are not innovations, but they will certainly be characteristics that users of Switch would like.

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