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Nintendo Switch first exclusive party game called 1-2-Switch announced

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After showing the main features of the JoyCon, Nintendo announced one of the first games that take advantages of the new console: 1-2-Switch.

In the course of the presentation event of Switch, Nintendo presented 1-2-Switch, party game that will take advantage of the special features of Joy-Con and will be available at the launch of the console.

1-2-Switch takes your eyes away from the TV screen and bring you to the face one of your opponents. So, there will be mini-games where you will have to analyze the movements of your friends to know what to do.

As shown in the trailer, thanks to the accelerometer, gyro and motion sensors in the controller we can embark on a series of 1v1 challenges against our friends in various mini-games that include baseball, air guitar, martial arts, boxing, dance, yoga and many more.

According to Kouichi Kawamoto, producer of 1-2-Switch and general director of the new Nintendo console, it will be an ideal game for “breaking the ice”, as well as being designed to be played at parties and gatherings.

Apparently, Nintendo wants 1-2-Switch to be a game that attracts the public by showing the unique characteristics of Nintendo Switch in the same way like Wii Sports helped Nintendo Wii to be a success.

1-2-Switch will be available exclusively to Switch from March 3, the same day that the console will debut.

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