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Nintendo shipped Switch units by airplane to quickly meet high demand

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The success of Nintendo Switch is no longer new: first USA GameStop runs out of new stocks in a matter of hours, after the console is in first place in the ranking Japanese hardware. To meet the high demand, the Big N has come to send several units of Switch on the airplane.

In the early stages of the launch of Nintendo Switch, the Big N did not care at the expense of supplying consoles to their audiences. According to statements by a spokesman for the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo would have even resorted to air transport to speed up deliveries from retailers.

A transport mode rather expensive, which by Hideki Yasuda (analyst of Ace Research Institute) would come to cost even at $45 a piece.

According to a representative of the company, in fact, in the month of March, Nintendo was forced to employ expensive airplanes (which carry an extra cost per unit of about 40 euros) to supply the shops in different territories, instead of opting for the classic more means economic like ships, due to high demand of the console that got sold out in much of the world.

No route has been clarified nor the type of these flights, but it is estimated that transport has been carried from factories in China (Foxconn and other manufacturers) and Japan to Europe and North America. Nevertheless, especially in the latter area, it is hard to find a Switch today.

In short, the successful Nintendo Switch seems now to be an established fact: What do you think about this news? Let us know in the comments below.

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