Nintendo Shares fall following the presentation of Switch

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Apparently not everyone was satisfied with the presentation of Nintendo Switch. Having just completed the presentation conference for the new of console of the Big N, it has begun to report that the shares of Nintendo in the Japan stock exchange fell in a notorious way.

According to a report from Business Insider, shares of Nintendo in the Japanese stock market dropped to 6% after completion of the presentation of Switch; from 25,000 points at 13:00 pm (Asian time), they quickly dropped to 23,750 points at 15:00 pm, at which time the presentation ended.

Previously Nintendo had already experienced a similar situation with Switch. Despite all the excitement generated by the video presentation of the console last October, some financial media reported a drop in the company stock after the release of the advancement.

Now is this a bad thing? Not at all. While it is true that they can rise again as the days go by, its fall suggests that shareholders are still skeptical of the team, its price, and the performance it may have in the market.

Could it be that after the release of Switch shareholders will begin to trust the console? What do you think about it? Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below.


  • I see tech-heads all over ranting about Switches lack of power. Save for re-explaining everything in numerous comment sections, Switch has huge potential, and its not aimed at ppl that are gonna get graphics fatigue even when they do get their 8k resolutions.
    If Switch can run software like Pokemon GO, if Zelda is as good as it looks as a launch title, if Switch can allow devs to bust out Wii style software affordably, unlike producing utter hi-rez monotony like PS4pro business for example (face it, the next dual analogue shooter won’t set the world on fire like they mostly haven’t been doing for decades now).
    Then Switch has the chance in my opinion of making, at minimum, successful sales. This device is better than WiiU in virtually everyway, from a market perspective, not basic specs wise (which it improves upon anyway)

  • That’s the main thing people are missing about this though: comparing other companies’ consoles to each other including their predecessors won’t do any good. Comparing X1 to PS4 AND PS3 then applying same logic especially Switch does disservice to them all. Because despite the fact that X1 and PS4 are pretty much direct competitors at this point, what matters is if PS4 is a step above PS3 and same for X1 and the Switch. Comparing across companies just makes it all the more confusing and fuels the fire when we don’t need it. Sure many own multiple consoles, yet there are some who also only own one at a time per generation sometimes paired with PC. It should be about what’s unique about the system and what makes it interesting and if the games can back that up; not if they are any better than competition.

    Because as much as everyone has preferences, gaming is supposed to be open to many. Hardcore gamers are top priority but it’s also important to introduce new ways where new gamers come in and keep gaming going not just focus on the same demographic for the next decades hoping they never die, and nobody understands that. Thinking just appealing to mature audience will get them all the cash they need, not the Sony and Microsoft haven’t tried to appeal to broader audience over years. Just that Nintendo has been more about that ever since with Wii and even if Nintendo was behind in technology them taking a different approach allowed other gamers to start off and all, it can’t be understated.

    I mean back in the day, PC’s supposedly were outclocked by PS and N64 then their successors and Xbox til the middle of the last decade came upon us and PC boomed. If power was the real issue back then I’m sure many would have given up on PC or PlayStation or N64 for that matter. It’s just that because of PC’s boom and emphasizing power as much as open dialogue if not more now, everyone else hopped on that hype train and backed up that trend just because it was popular then and everyone else followed, cuz it’s natural as human beings for us to follow the crowd in order to blend in and survive while putting our own spin so that we don’t lose our identity. Which is what happened with PlayStation being impetus for that with them using CD ROM, and then others following suit with more disc media, putting more focus on evolution than evolution staying mostly the same making adjustments over time.

    But in Nintendo’s case they switched back to revolution, hence Wii being codenamed Revolution back then. And people don’t understand that emphasis and how much that changed the landscape, because competition fuels innovation. If not for Wii, we probably wouldn’t see Sony and Microsoft pushing as hard to do different stuff and also stay ahead. Especially with power being bigger focus because of PC, not that power shouldn’t be one of things to consider but more that it shouldn’t be only reason for a new console.

    Which is what Nintendo’s approach is about and people don’t see that. Because it should be about quality over quantity: not the amount of power but what you do with it. Seeing how people work under pressure and utilize limitations to create something from their imaginations. Because that’s the magic of game development and how it allows players to connect to the developers and the essence of gaming nirvana itself as we all feel how games impact us in different ways. And in more ways than one a lot of that magic has been lost overtime, and Nintendo and Sony have maintained that overtime and hopefully with this generation we see return to that. Because as much as the technology race is ongoing so we continue to evolve, fun shouldn’t be a race it should be about a revolution that inspires us and shows us why games are special in the first place that stays with us, not only lasts in the moment.

  • Dumbest Console system ever. And I love Nintendo. Heck I worked there for about 5 years. They need more storage (32gb, REALLY??) more battery life. It’s like the Wii U all over again except it’s portable. Really stupid idea. If you’re gonna do this do it bigger, BETTER & MORE BAD ASS than what came BEFORE!!!

  • Yeah, more or less agree. Once upon a time games were heralded on the first 3d systems. Then they were cheered in the 2nd era, boasting about how wonderful the new age games were. Come PS3/360/Wii, again, it was a new era of gaming and so on. Now just because Switch isn’t bleeding edge performance, ppl think its useless for gaming.
    I’m gonna take my Switch out to my work breaks, and picnic gatherings and shove it in everyones face while they miss their gaming systems at home lol
    I’m also excited to be able to play whilst laying down or any otjer position seeing as the hands are free and open now (those controllers truely are a step forward evolution over Wii remotes and nilunchucks, that required wires

  • Game cartridges can be written to, and interchangeable SD cards can make larger storage fairly easy. But if devs have any intelligence, they’ll design theor games not to require mass on device installation. Switch is a totally different device. Its not trying to do PS4pro stuff, who’s harddrive gets ridiculed for its sheer lack of speed and inability to hold too many of these 50+ GB game installs and OS etc..
    I think this is a solid evolution of Wii. Remote n nunchucks now free hand wireless and light weight

  • considering they bailed on the Nintendo Wifi Connection service rendering WII and 2DS users offline – forever… They’re going to bail the WII-U fans eventually…

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