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Nintendo Shares Fall Despite Introducing Planned Games of 2019 in Its Direct

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Although the situation of a company in the industry may be going through a great moment, its reality may be different in case of having a situation in the stock market and this was what happened with the actions of Nintendo and the fall they registered after the presentation of its Direct.

According to a report by Takashi Mochizuki, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo shares on the US Stock Exchange recorded a 0.7% drop despite the presentation of Nintendo Direct, where there were interesting revelations. In that sense, the information indicates that the fact that Nintendo presents or not a Direct is irrelevant for investors and these, beyond looking at elements of hardware and games, have their sights set on the sales performance of Switch.

Precisely, Mochizuki said that investors are concerned about the possibility that the hybrid console had reached could be at its highest level of sales very soon, which would mean that from then on the road is down. The uncertainty in that sense, it is related to the fact that Sony is spending significant amounts of money to promote PS4 and now that the pace of sales of the console is going down, situation that would be repeated with Switch in case the peak of Sales will arrive sooner than expected.

At the time of writing this note, Nintendo shares on the US Stock Exchange are down by 0.10% and their current price is $33.77 USD.

A few days ago, and after the announcement of the change in their console sales targets for the end of the fiscal year, Nintendo shares were also down. In that sense, it should be noted that the uncertainty of investors has been a constant since the launch of Switch, despite the fact that the console has performed very well in the market.

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